Hyperventilation Syndrome: Breathing Pattern Disorders and How to Overcome Them by Dinah Bradley

Hyperventilation or over breathing is frequently found in COPDers. If this happens to you Dinah Bradley’s book may be of help. Dinah Bradley is a New Zealand trained and qualified respiratory physiotherapist with over 30 years’ experience working in Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

Here’s what the book is about:

“Are you suffering from unrelated symptoms, like nausea, breathlessness when resting, or lack of concentration? These are just some of the symptoms that could mean you have Hyperventilation Syndrome. HVS is a breathing disorder that involves rapid breathing from the chest, rather than the stomach. It is usually a side effect of prolonged stress and is often untreated. Dinah Bradley explains exactly what hyperventilation is and how to overcome it. There is also a plan and a workbook to help you manage your stress levels and other symptoms. This book will literally make you breathe more easily.”

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A small amount from the sale of this book via the link above comes to us. We donate all income to NZ COPD charities.

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