COPD Caregiving Challenges

Caregivers for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) face tough but loving work, helping their family members manage the condition while still allowing them some independence. “A caregiver can provide the best possible outcomes by educating herself about the disease and keeping tabs on what’s going on,” says Bill Clark, director of Outreach ProgramsContinue reading “COPD Caregiving Challenges”

Statins in COPD: Useful or Not?

Statins were developed 3 decades ago to control blood cholesterol and its components, and thus reduce the risks for myocardial and other vascular events. That goal has been achieved successfully. With the widespread use of statins, it soon became clear that these drugs might have other actions, with anti-inflammatory action being one possibility. Some benefitContinue reading “Statins in COPD: Useful or Not?”