NICE ‘should modify’ COPD diagnosis guideline

NICE should redraw COPD diagnosis guidelines because they are likely causing overdiagnosis in men and underdiagnosis in women, respiratory experts have said.

Dr Mark Levy, a GPSI in respiratory medicine based in Harrow, and Professor Martin Miller, from the University of Birmingham, warn up to 13% of people thought to have COPD may have been misdiagnosed with the condition, while one in eight cases are likely to be missed.

NICE adopted use of a single, ‘pragmatic’ measure of airways obstruction from the Global Initiative for Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) in 2010, which means people are diagnosed with COPD if they have a post-bronchodilator ratio of FEV1/FVC cut-off of less than 0.7, regardless of any other factors.

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